Well, the surface duo 2 was an absolute fail. my old phone fell onto it and shattered the glass, and the hinge started clicking in the first 2 weeks. I think the phone was an expensive failure. Over the years it’s not always the device… (present situation excluded) as much as its the software. I keep questing to find a replacement for something that doesn’t exist anymore, though there have been contenders (unihertz, planet computers, FxTec Pro1). Though their hardware is exceptionally interesting, they are still held back by their embrace of the mighty google. It’s time to accept android is not a business platform. If a blackberry 10 OS from 2013 can emulate android perfectly than why are the manufactures bowing to the oracle overlord.

Productivity is not continual updates, nor is incoherent jumbled software in the form of apps. Productivity is continuity of experience, with a hierarchy and organization of software.

Its 2022, my blackberry passport SE has been abandoned from its creator, and despite the warnings from rambling voices on the internet it continues to work with perfection. This past year I stepped things up and bought myself a pebble steel to go with it, I followed a blog on the internet and bought some oversized batteries for the pebble and then soldered them in, giving me a 10 day battery life.

It seems the marriage of these two devices is predestined, they just work, never missing a notification. I can check my SMS, EMAIL, Notifications, News, Stocks all from this pebble steel. Making custom apps for it is also easy if you have some javascript experience.

I’ll continue my search for a replacement device, but the only possible choice I see is in UBports, the software is good, needs some work but its decent. If only they could make some good hardware.