I often have to save some of the docker containers to images, and then I need to transfer them or archive them. Recently I was working with the pebble SDK and a VM of mine was expiring, below is a reference on how to commit the container to image and then upload that image into docker hub.

Logging into Docker

docker login --username=yourusername

Creating a repo

this is done using the docker hub website, click create repo and give it a name etc.

Saving the container to an image

docker commit <container id> <image name>

Check image ID and Verify image is saved

docker images

Tagging your image

this is important step to ensure you attach your image to the repo your created and give it a tag. Tags denote sometimes the version name or the app name.

docker tag <image id> yourhubusername/yourreponame:tagname

// example

docker tag <ee38976d03cf> swiftmedia/mypebbledev:firsttrry

Pushing your image to the repo

docker push yourhubusername/yourreponame

// example command 

docker push swiftmedia/mypebbledev