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Navigating TLS Protocols & Cipher Suites: A Closer Look at Printer Connectivity

In the rapidly evolving landscape of network security, maintaining secure connections between devices is paramount. [...]

ESXI Ransomware Fix for the CIM SLP Service

There is a massive vulnerability being exploited with ESXI hosts, we recommend that you either [...]

Looping through files with linux

Looping Through Files I needed a fast way to update the ‘additional Nginx directives’ in [...]

Plesk PHP-FPM, NGINX Caching, NGINX Rules

I was able to fix every domain on my list, and get it down to [...]

Blocking ports on running Docker containers

Blocking ports on a running Docker container can be a bit tricky, it took me [...]

Blackberry Passport 2022

Well, the surface duo 2 was an absolute fail. my old phone fell onto it [...]

Docker Commit Container to Image

I often have to save some of the docker containers to images, and then I [...]

Working with GitHub, The Easy Reference Sheet

Pulling your own repo Sometimes you lose the directory you were working with in VS [...]

How to find RDP logins via IP Address in Windows Server 2012

Open event viewer Navigate to either of the following paths depending on if its a [...]

Block an IP Address in Windows Firewall

who new this simple task could be so difficult, another reason to love linux and [...]