What is SwiftGrid

The worst part of working with technology in our careers was having to deal with hundreds of different vendors and companies in order to make a single project work. The reliability of others to finish our own projects, the constant submission of support tickets that went to strangers, and the endless googling of support forums led us to find a better way. SwiftGrid was born to be a supplier of web infrastructure, but with quality, security, speed, and an authentic friendly face.


Our Values

SwiftGrid strives to be the best in the business by following simple, yet innovative and achievable goals.

Your Support Team

Matt Potter – Expert

Matt started working with server systems in 2010. Matt is the flagship of Swiftgrid and has never let a difficult problem stop him from moving forward. He is determined to provide excellence at every step of his work and will always come up with a creative solution.

If you need someone to help with a new challenging innovation or piece of technology, Matt is always looking for a new challenge.

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Troy Chartier – Operator

Troy holds the glue and keeps everything together. He is organized, friendly, well-versed in many areas of tech, and always ready to help. If you need quick advice, help with a task, or a patient teacher to walk you through something, he is only a chat away.

Troy also works directly with some of our large clients in managing more IT than just their hosting. Innovation is crucial to a company’s success. Have someone on your team that pushes creativity and solves problems.

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Thomas Bereckyz – Engineer

Thomas is the secret weapon that keeps our servers secure, light, and fast. Did you accidentally set your website on fire or need help in the middle of the night? Thomas is your friend. A mastermind of the infrastructure is just what you need.

Thomas likes being on the front-line of new software and security developments. With a wealth of experience in things like crypto currency, he is an asset to any team.

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