The Internet is a very powerful tool in searching for a new church. For some people finding a church to go to can be a very intimidating venture.

With so many different denominations and varieties to choose from, including history, stances on values, size of congregation, style of music, and even whether the building is modern and accessible.

Many people will choose to visit a churches website long before stepping into one, which is why a website is so important.

First Contact

Websites are the now the first point of contact for people, it’s like your volunteer greeter at the front door.

Are they nice and friendly? Do they ask your name? Do they help get you to the coffee and a comfortable seat?

Your website is the same. Is your website inviting? Does it direct people to get to know your core values and what to expect from a Sunday Service? If a potential visitor doesn’t understand your website, chances are they will not want to attend.

Reaching Out

Websites are also a great way to reach further out to your congregants. Many solutions are now available to post sermons online, whether trough video streaming or simply audio recording.

Contact forms can help connect people directly to a welcoming group or pastor.

Calendars can help spread the word on community events and ways to volunteer.

With a little creativity and help from a web developer. A great website is only a click away.


For many churches, budget can become an issue, but there are great ways to make a super simple website for cheap.

Even a single well thought out webpage can be a great first step in someone getting to know your church.

Talk to us and we can help set something up and get your church online.

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