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  • Migration Process

    We want to make it easy for our clients to migrate from SwiftGrid.net. Your code is your own, all we do is host it. Before you leave we want to make sure we have the correct details and everyone is on the same page.
  • Migration Information

    Our environment is manage, this is very different from unmanaged hosting. With a managed hosting service, each server is managed professionally by a technician. This is very different from an unmanaged service and is often more expensive.

    Our servers are specially designed for the applications they serve, this means the libraries, modules and packages have been tailored and customized by us, so that the application performs optimally for the application stack.

    We have done a lot of work to protect and secure our environments with multiple hardware and software firewalls. Our server IP addresses maintain a strong reputation and we believe it’s important to have an SSL on each domain we host.

    Our servers are located in Canada, and are protected by the Canadian Data Privacy Act. We abide by Canadian data laws and practices. None of our servers rely on U.S. affiliates and/or third party infrastructure.

    During a migration we guarantee that the application files you receive are complete and you will be able to migrate with them. Often we encounter an issue of expectation with other hosts that require specifics that don’t match our protocol. (ex: a cpanel host, wants a cpanel migration file). Our infrastructure is custom deployed and does not use cPanel, therefore all we can provide is the source files.

    Website migrations can affect search rank, website performance, visibility, and occasionally result in system compatibility issues. We encourage everyone to test the website files, and customize their environments to match the application stack.

    For the reasons discussed above, we will not be held responsible for issues that occur with the application once it has been removed from our server.

    We will provide a one time support request for those that encounter an issue during migration.

    The lack of standards amongst server hosts, web developers and system administrators forces us to take migrations very seriously, this helps protect all parties involved.

    Matt Potter
    Swift Media Group
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    When will you be performing the migration? please allow us 2 days to prepare the files. We recommend that you plan your migration after you have the files and have tested your infrastructure.
    This is only necessary if SwiftGrid.net also hosts and manages the domain name.
  • Provide the name of the business
  • This person should match the billing contact we have on the account and will be contacted prior to the migration.
  • The email address of the technician performing the migration. This email will also be provided the backup files.