Email Recovery Request Form

Hello Everyone, We are planning to have access to our Most recent Email Backup on Monday. We thank you for everyones patience as we work through recovering our systems. If you would like to regain access to the email data that was lost during the attack. Please fill out this form and we will work on providing copies of the data as we are able to. Please be courteous and selective when choosing which boxes to restore and the importance of those boxes. It is a longer process to obtain the data and so we only want to make sure to prioritize our time on recovering the most important information for all clients first.

Email Address
Priority (Low or High)
Use this list to add each email address that needs to be recovered. Press the Dark black Circle on the right side to add additional lines. The more specific and detailed the request is, the higher probability of us attending to it first.
Any additional comments you would like to make regarding the information you need to recover.