WordPress Support

Our WordPress support is available via our online chat on website via email. We encourage our users to contact us directly through our website. Included in our WordPress Hosting & Support are the following services:

WordPress Hosting: Super fast, secure, Canadian based WordPress Hosting with SSD disks, nginx and dedicated IP addresses.

15 Minute WordPress Jobs: We include up to 5 – 15 minute jobs on your wordpress website. This can include content updates, photo changes, button fixes and other css & html improvements.

24/7 Emergency Support: If you encounter a problem with your website and it results an a business emergency and you desperately need your website back online or restored, We will be available, For emergencies we are available one request on our website through our live chat application, or via text message.

WordPress Updates: We will help you update your wordpress website on request. We wait for our clients to request WordPress updates because often if done automatically it can break websites.

WordPress Security: We pride ourselves on having a very secure WordPress hosting system. We utilize a custom linux environment and tweak our server with custom libraries to make WordPress fast, secure & swift!

Additional Services

WordPress Development: On occasion you may tasks, changes & upgrades that exceed a 15 minute job. For those requests we offer WordPress development at $95/hr.

Web Development Hours includes the following:

  • Server Configuration & Dev Environment Setup
  • Deployment & Configuration of WordPress Framework
  • Deployment & Configuation of WordPress Custom Theme Framework
  • Design & Development WordPress Template
    • Font Pairing Selection & Testing
    • Color Palette Selection & Testing
    • Page Layouts Design & Testing
    • Content Layout Design & Testing
    • Content Presentation Design & Testing
  • Customization, Installation & Development of WordPress Plugins
  • Editing & Customizations of template PHP, CSS & JavaScript
  • Photoshop & Illustrator Content Edits & Adjustments
  • Desktop Website Testing
  • Mobile Website Testing
  • Website Migration & Soft Launch
  • SSL Certification & Configuration
  • Site Map & Webmaster Submissions
  • SEO Entry & Testing
  • Post Launch Review & Testing