The year was 2008, I had heard about a blogging platform that was taking shape as a fully functional Website CMS (content management system), WordPress.

(TBH, the first time I heard "WordPress" its name didn't spark much attention, I thought of an office type program, so naturally, I ignored it for a while.)

It started togather my attention during my nightly theme quests on Template Monster. Back in those days, I wasn't a full stack dev, and relied on theming for the majority of my website designs. I would search website themes for hours... It was during this time that I kept seeing "WordPress Theme" and because many of the "good looking" themes were designed for WordPress I naturally begin asking questions about it.

After continual problems with Drupal... I deployed WordPress for the first time. After working through the setup of the Theme and the simplistic ui I began to understand what the "buzz" was all about.

In this Blog I will describe WordPress from my view, and then educate you on how to deploy it.