This was a rant from one of us, who will go unnamed. It was in our group chat today and too good not to share,

"Man so you guys get my late night rant tonight:

Today I spent 30 with a 'Google Adwords Consultant". and 40 minutes with a 'Account manager'. I am so glad that we have the type of support that we do, cause I was shaking after dealing with people that don't actually give a grab about anything you say and only have their own scripted agenda that won't take no for an answer.

I challenged this Google Adwords consultant on every awful suggestion he had and the only reason he could come up with was "Google suggests you do it, let me hold your hand with baby steps so you do it." So frustrating, I've asked them multiple times to just e-mail me, but now that I know that they LITERALLY just read off the recommendations that are already posted in the account, I am just going to answer the phone, tell them I know how to look at the recommendations, then hang up.

THEN, we find out that has been charging a client for over two years. I call them to get the account canceled because their marketing is so bad we have never noticed any value from them. for $200 they offer:

-No online account that contains any sort of reporting analytics whatsoever, I get to call the account manager to manage any part of their offerings
-They create your Google My business account and setup their amazing platform to show your website analytics (Called Google analytics... which is also free)
-They get you "30+" listings on shitty sites so that it increases your SEO.
-They ever have a platform that you can manage all your reviews in the same place! (soo... google and their own platform that has given us 0 ratings in two years)
-Oh, and they claimed that for the $187 we paid for, they gave 230 ad views! (all other ILS ads we have give us roughly 350 views for 25$ a month)

In order to make this terrible sale, the 'account manager' (cough* salesperson) did the following:

-claimed that our SEO ranking was shit because there wasn't 50 crappy listings when they searched the company name
-Claimed that the company did not have a Google My Business account (we have 10)
-Claimed that we were in need of their services because of the value we were getting from them (even though he couldn't prove a single phone call or e-mail). Oh right, he couldn't do this because 'people don't even know they click on their ads because people don't really understand how google works (cept that I do)
-Claimed that his relationship with the company was stronger and more valuable than my role in the company because I only just started looking at the marketing accounts (cept I've been doing it for years)
-Wanted to keep us on for 2 months so he could prove with his fancy system.
-Claimed they have a no contract system but still forced us to pay for another month because of a 30-day cancelation policy.
-Continued to sell after I told him 5 times that I want to close down the account.

We are valuable as a company because we are actually authentic and honest. As well, we only make decisions if its for the better of the company and not for ourselves. I'm sick of the dishonesty in our industry that pushes for sales with no integrity. I'm only in this business if we can stay a positive and beneficial partner with clients."