We have access to a 90MW Power Grid to faciliate a custom build out of highly complex infrastructure for projects that use GPU, ASIC & FPGA Technology.

We have multiple resources available to faciliate both your power consumption, hardware design & software systems.

To learn more about our Green Hydro Power Grid that fuels our State of the Art Data Centres please contact us.


We utilize a number of Hardware to offer a competitive service, Working with technologies from Super Micro, Bitmain, Apple, Dell & Intel. Our Hardware is aligned to the software requirements of a particular application.

Our air cooling system is state of the art, built by experts with more than 25 years experience building Data Centres.


We use an array of software technologies, languages and prebuilt systems.

For virtualized environments we use

  • VMware
  • Docker
  • Virtal Box
  • HyperVisor
  • & more...

For custom technologies we work with multiple language experts, focusing on

  • Python, Ruby, Jave
  • CSS,HTML,JavaScript
  • PHP, MYSQL, Mongo, RethinkDB
  • Node.js, Django & react.js


We operate our own fibre network (Acquired from Municple Dark Fibre) to faciliate our connection to the internet. We have a very hands on approach to our level of service.