Well, I finally created an account to post this to offer a different perspective of the passport in business, I am a server administrator, web host manager & dev ops technician, and let me tell you with absolute certainty the passport lives in 2019. To recap, I've spent a lot of money trying to find alternatives, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG V20, Google Pixel XL 2, and the Essential Phone. (BTW essential phone kicks that *** of every other android phone i've used by a long shot and if you install lineageos16 you have the best android setup you can get).

Let me tell you how I use the passport. The Remote Desktop application is very awesome, when a server goes down, I RDP in to a windows VM and I fix the issue from my passport, having a keyboard and 4:3 aspect ratio make managing Windows VMs way easier than any other device. Second, I installed F-Droid and use the app connectbot to SSH into all my servers, again having a 4:3 aspect ratio and keyboard is essential. Next the passport wins on keep apps alive and notifications always come through, Android has a problem with shutting apps down, so when a server goes down and my chat app takes 45 mins to send me a notification that is just stupid and the client is pissed. The only way to fix this it to root android and use tasker. But on the blackberry passport the notifications ALWAYS comes through :) (my wife hates that BTW). The passport offers the best email, phone and sms experience I've ever had. I can check 10 email accounts in 2 seconds on a passport... I can't do that in android with a layer of apps and resources being consumed. The file manager in the passport is actually useful, its not layered by system directories. What I mean is, the file manager feels like a computer, so I actually use my phone to store files without worrying of some update that breaks my my stuff. The best part is Google doesn't own me when I use my smartphone, honestly its getting ridiculous the intrusion of the Google Machine. So its 2019, I work at a pretty high level in technology and develop software and I won't give up my passport because its a resource that saves me time and money... Here is lies the window to a market that needs to be capatilized. I would pay 2500+ for a passport 2 and its software. When I look at the joke foldable phones are, I remind myself its not about the hardware, its about the software. Blackberry, I hope you read this, because if companies like this are making money fxpro1 and planet com computers (gemini) selling devices that promise functionality, they will most certainly fail, not because of their hardware but because of their software. Android is not made for business, and Apple is for the people. We need business devices again running BB11

Rant over :D